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WRITER / DIRECTOR / PRODUCER: Brishkay Ahmed studied film at New York University, then furthered her education through the Iranian Young Cinema Society. An understanding of film in the West and East are important to her. She is an Afghan-Canadian filmmaker of Pashtun origin and mother of two daughters. Creating media programming for the developing nation is a passion of hers, as is bringing awareness to the Western world about pressing issues regarding women and girls inside Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. As a Pashtun woman she has an understanding of the culture and traditions of Kohistan. The district is dominated by Pashtun people who live on both sides of the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Brishkay is the writer and co-director of Afghanistan’s popular prime time drama series (Tolo TV) Between You and Me funded through USAID. Her 2012 documentary, Story of Burqa, was supported by Super Channel and the National Film Board of Canada, and was featured in the December 2015 issue of the New York based activism art online magazine Of Note, as well as the World Policy Institute Blog. Throughout her career Brishkay has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, BC Film Commission, and BC Arts Council for her documentary projects.



WRITER/PRODUCER: Elizabeth Sanchez is a writer/producer with over twenty years’ experience in film development and production. Elizabeth has written and produced films for television distribution (Avalanche Alley, Firefight, Snakehead Terror) . She co-produced Every Second Counts for the Hallmark Channel, and created the dance short Blossom for Bravo!FACT. She has also worked on development of other quality film and new media projects, collaborating with screenwriters and directors as story editor and creative producer on projects in a variety of genres, including the screenplay adaptation of the Giller Prize finalist novel by Alan Cumyn, Burridge Unbound, which was accepted into the prestigious IFP Conference in New York. Elizabeth was born in Australia of Spanish immigrants, has a major in Political Science and Law, mother of two daughters, and resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.



CINEMATOGRAPHER: Imran Babur is a Pakistani cinematographer, now resident of Toronto, Canada, known for his work on the award-winning documentary film, Without Shepherds. Babur spent a decade working in advertising and music videos, and then shifted to documentaries full-time since 2000. Spanning subjects as diverse as travel, development, politics and conservation, Imran has a strong portfolio in photography and film, and passion for recording his culture, heritage, people and arts. Serious and dedicated, Imran has shot in the most remote and inhospitable parts of his homeland.



COMPOSER: Chris Hind is an accomplished film music composer and sound designer. He has composed music for film, animation, documentaries (Story of Burqa), numerous plays, websites and meditation cd’s. Chris has also sound designed for numerous feature and short films, plays, as well as two nationally broadcast radio plays and a mining museum, and the award winning production of Fiddler on the Roof and the award winning feature film Savage Island.


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