The Kohistan Video girls

Begum Jan, Bazigha, Amina



The Kohistan Video boys

Bin Nasir and Gul Nazar


Haseeb Khawaja, @haseeb_khawaja, Journalist/Activist whose work has focused on human rights and women's rights issues. Haseeb has covered (see his Facebook page) the Kohistan video story extensively, and worked tireless to have the case heard in the courts.


Afzal Kohistani, from the Kohistan village where our story begins, is a landowner in hiding and an activist. His two younger brothers are accused of participating in and filming the video which led to the alleged murders of the five Kohistan girls. His three older brothers were murdered in revenge for the killing of the five girls.


Dr. Farazana Bari, widely-respected human rights activist, university professor and Head of the Gender Studies Department at the Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad. She is an authority on women's rights and has been actively involved in raising awareness about crimes against women, particularly concerning honor killings. Dr. Bari has dual Pakistani/British citizenship. You can find her on Twitter.


Riffat Butt, advocate and a human rights activist, was a member of the first Kohistan Video Case Fact Finding Commission, worked as legal expert for the National Committee for the Status of Women (NCSW).


Shabina Ayaz, member of the first Kohistan Video Case Fact Finding Commission, member of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s Commission on the Status of Women. She is currently Resident Director at Aurat Foundation in Peshawer, Pakistan.


Fouzia Saeed, member of the first Kohistan Video Case Fact Finding Commission, Chairperson for the National Implementation Watch Committee (NIWC). She is currently a social activist, gender expert, trainer/facilitator, development manager, folk culture promoter, television commentator and author.


Bushra Gohar, member of the second Kohistan Video Case Fact Finding Commission, a Pakistani public intellectual and a leading female politician. She is currently serving as the Senior Vice-President of the Awami National Party, as well as chairman of the Standing Committee on Women’s Development and a senior member on Standing Committee on Foreign, Finance, and Kashmir Affairs.

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